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Who We Are: Venture Factory is BYU's Product Development Accelerator.  Officially sponsored by the College of Engineering & Technology, our mission is to provide the resources and environment needed for students to turn their ideas into excellent prototypes, products, and even businesses.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Headquarters:  270 Crab-Tree Building (CTB) @ Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

brigham square21512-08 153 Student Innovator of the Year Competition: Wavio, bluetooth radio for extreme sports enthusiasts December 4, 2015 Photography by: Mark A. Philbrick/BYU Photo Copyright BYU Photo 2015 All Rights Reserved photo@byu.edu (801)422-7322 55291511-12 219 1511-12 SIOY Finals Student Innovator of the Year Finals November 5, 2015 Photo by  Aaron Cornia/BYU Copyright BYU Photo 2015 All Rights Reserved photo@byu.edu (801)422-7322



  Project Funding:  Venture Factory hosts the Student Innovator of the Year competition (SIOY).  Students can receive up to $400 in initial funding (upon approval) to work on projects, with the opportunity to compete for up to $6,000 in additional funding.

  • Idea Feedback Panels:  Upon request, Venture Factory leadership will meet personally with individuals or teams to provide technical feedback, advice, and mentoring regarding projects.  If desired, this feedback panel can be expanded to include professors and industry professionals.
  • Prototyping Resources:  Members have access to the club’s maker-space room (270 CTB).  This room contains equipment, materials, and other resources necessary for creating prototypes.  Leadership will provide training in the use of this equipment and space as needed.
  • Product Development Training:  During the prototyping process, Venture Factory provides training and information that will help members turn their prototypes into finished products.  This training will encompass customer validation, prototyping skills, business modeling, fund-raising, entrepreneurship fundamentals, etc…
  • Club projects:  Members will have the opportunity to join a Venture Factory team working on an existing project.  These are projects that originate from Venture Factory members, professors, or outside companies. These projects will provide valuable product development experience that can be added to a participant’s resume’.
  • Ideathons:  Ideathons are events in which student innovators can present their ideas to an audience of their peers and receive feedback, advice, and direction.  Ideathons also serve as networking and team forming opportunities.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is here to help out with your latest idea or project.  Feel free to contact us with any questions whether or not you are a member of the club!





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