Coming Soon! – Venture Factory Maker Space Room

We’re very excited to announce something big coming to campus for every BYU inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator out there:  A Prototyping & Startup Maker-space!!

Located in room 270 of the Crabtree Building (CTB) on campus, this room is going to serve as Venture Factory’s full-time headquarters and is open to club members at all times.  Also known as “The Garage”, this space contains all the tools, equipment, materials, and resources needed for students to high-quality functioning prototypes.  If needed, Venture Factory leadership is available to provide training on the use of any equipment and tools.

Co-founded by Venture Factory and BYU Dev Club, this room will serve anyone who needs a place to get their idea off the ground.  With the tools to create both physical and software prototypes & products, this will be a great resource to BYU’s entrepreneurial efforts.

In addition to tools, the room also contains a large lounge/conference room that is perfect for team meetings and brainstorming sessions.  Complete with 4 large glass-whiteboards, a large screen TV, Xbox, and library, this is a great place to start your business.

Here’s a quick look at what the new room will contain:  3D printers, design software (Adobe suite, CAD programs, and more!), soldering ovens, arduino boards, raspberry pi’s, circuit board printer, hand tools, and much more…

The Venture Factory Maker Space is currently under construction and set to be open this Fall semester.  More details to follow.  If you have any questions please send an email to venture@byu.edu



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