Help Wanted

The Venture Factory Leadership group is looking to expand and could use your help.  If you’re interested in joining our team for this upcoming year please send an email to venture@byu.edu.  All majors are welcome, and we accept both graduate & undergraduate students.

We’re busy at work this summer already on our three main projects:

  1. Building the Venture Factory Maker Space
  2. Updating the Venture Factory / SIOY website
  3. Planning this upcoming Fall’s club events

The team currently meets in room 270 of the Crabtree building (CTB) on Tues, Weds, and Thurs nights @ 6pm.  Feel free to stop by if you’re interested in seeing what’s going on.

4 thoughts on “Help Wanted

    1. Nicholas,
      Thanks for the comment! We’ve taken a break for the Holidays from meeting, but we will start up again soon. We’d be happy to have you join us. We typically have leadership meetings on Tuesdays at 5 pm in room 270 of the Crabtree building. Swing by in the winter semester.

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested. I’m not a student there; but I am very interested! And, I have many ideas!
    I’d love to help society make things better!

    1. Heidi,
      Thanks for your post. We’ve taken a holiday break from meetings recently, but we often meet Tuesday evenings around 5 pm in room 270 of the Crabtree building at BYU. Feel free to join us in the coming weeks of the new year.

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