Jim Trent



Assistant Dean for the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology.  Jim Trent asks that you contact him for any and all mentoring needs.  Companies in industry would pay a lot of money to work with the mentors Jim can hook you up with, but for BYU students, they offer the service for FREE. 


Corbin Church

Business Mentor


Corbin is a successful businessman,

and has been part of many businesses and startups.

He devotes a portion of his time by providing

free Business Consulting to BYU  students. 


Scott Petersen

Director of the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology


Scott is also the Founder and Chairman of Omadi, a cloud based,

mobile platform for workforce management that currently

serves the towing and transportation industries. 

Omadi combines a robust CRM with a highly configurable

platform offering intelligent dispatch, GPS tracking,

RFID tech, geo-fencing, cloud based photo and video

management and much more. Omadi not only sells its

software to tow companies, but also to the large enterprise

customers such as the insurance industry and

the large company's that support them.  


Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

Business Mentoring


Mission: Prepare students of faith and character

to be world-class leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation,

foster life-impacting mentorship between students and

successful role models,and facilitate related faculty research.


Ballard Center

Business Mentoring


This center is for Economic Self-Reliance and the

Peery Social Entrepreneurship program. Learn how the world's

social problems are being solved. They aim to match students'

skills with worthwhile experiences of Doing Good Better.