What Our Alumni Are Doing

SIOY was a pivotal point in momentum and validation for Owlet.  It forced us to address the technical challenges early but also gave us a unique opportunity to get feedback.  We owe a lot of our early success to the opportunities that stemmed from competing in the SIOY competition and utilizing Venture Factory’s product development resources.

Kurt Workman CEO, Owlet Baby Care

Our goal for this club is to create an environment where entrepreneurship can flourish. Thomas Edison once said “A successful person makes a habit of doing the things an unsuccessful person doesn’t do.” In this club we want to teach the students what to do and what not to do so they can be successful. There are game changing ideas here at BYU.

Brent Strong Founding Professor, Venture Factory

SIOY / Venture factory stretched our team and our minds. It helped us
to develop a desirable product that’s now improving the lives of families.
We learned the basics of entrepreneurship, prototyping, patenting, networking…
If you have a desire to create
new products, Venture Factory is the place for you.

Phillip Rindlisbach Founder, Inofridge

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